Special Limited Edition - Wonda - LED Wand For Pain, Joints, Stiffness, Inflammation, Skin Health and more…


Light Therapy Wand


The  Story of the WONDATM    


There is quite a Story behind our new  WONDATM Light Therapy Wand.

''I had serious Periodontal issues; bone loss in my Jaw and
numerous tooth pockets caused by infections.''

''I was told I needed surgery, my tooth removed and an implant.''

I did some research & discovered Dental Surgeons use powerful
LED devices for implants to help bone healing and restore bone density......

I thought great, let's see if I can heal my jaw and infections...

HERE's What Happened...

I used Wonda twice daily for 5 minutes, and 6 Weeks later my pockets
were dramatically reduced and my loose tooth had firmed up!

The Wonda - LED Wand was Born...

This is a very powerful piece of kit...

Use on Painful Joints;

You will feel Wonda lighting up the joint from within and promoting healing, and
reducing pain and inflammation.

How Does the Wonda LEDWand Work?

The Wonda LED wand generates Near Infrared, Red, Blue and Purple light.

A very powerful combination to help restore and rejuvenate

  • Painful Joints
  • Your Skin - Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Pigmentation
  • Helps Gums and Periodontal Issues
  • Skin Conditions - Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne
  • Under Active Thyroid and more....

Ideal for Travellingthanks to the rechargeable batteries.

    Perfect for use on Long Haul Flights - step off the plane AND LOOK

    Suitable For all Skin Types

      To Pulse or Not to Pulse That is the Question?

         You can use your Wonda in continuous or pulsed mode.

        If you are very sensitive, or prefer a cooler treatment when using the Red/Near Infrared/Purple selection then we recommend selecting Pulsed mode.

        The only realy difference is that the pulsed will be a little cooler which can be preferable for some of you.

        Wavelengths Generated By Wonda:

        Blue Light - 460 nm

        Also blue is anti-inflammatory; so if you have inflamed and painful joints, or a bad outbreak of spots or acne, then blue is the way to go.

        BLUE LIGHT THERAPY (460nm)

        Blue Light has many properties including those below;

        • Antiseptic
        • Anti-inflammatory
        • Anti-Bacterial
        • An option For Those Who Cannot Tolerate Prescription Antibiotics
        • ​Helps With Acne
        • ​Used for Skin Scarring
        • ​Used For Acne
        • ​To Heal Burns
        • ​Has a Cooling Soothing Effect
        • ​Calms Nerves
        • ​Shrinks Tissues
        • ​Dries Up Secretions

        Red Light - 630 & 660 nm

        Think Regeneration, Rejuvenation & Repair .... All the R's.

         Near Infrared - 850 & 900 nm

        These wavelengths are invisible, however there is an indicator red light showing inside the Wand when these wavlenegths are active.

        Near Infrared detoxifies, relaxes, and increases blood flow and circulation, helps pain relief, skin rejuvenation, and improves sleep,

        Now the Near Infrared will do a ton of repair work helping:

        • Damaged cells &
        • Tissues,
        • Including the Mitochondria

        What that means is; that your cells will start producing energy properly again so they can repair and everything can start working....


        I Love Purple - It's Powerful

        Purple is the combination of Red, Near Infrared and blue light.

        This means its all the Rejuvenating and Repairing benefits fo the Red & Near Infrared Range as well as the Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Benefits of Blue Light.

        So Purple is a powerful all rounder that give rapid results....

         You can also combine all 5 wavelengths together to give you a purple light, that is mindblowingly powerful.

        This is what I used for my periodontal issues for my jaw bone and gums .

        My Gums improved and teeth tightening up too.....pretty amazing.

        So of course purple gives all the qualities of all the blue, red and near infrared light rays...


      • Combines Anti-Ageing Near Infrared, Red, Blue and Purple Light Therapy

      • Near Infrared, Red, Blue and Purple LED Light Therapy Has Been Shown in Studies to Help Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles.

      • Improves Skin Tone, Texture and Firms the Skin

      • Near Infrared(850nm)

      • Red LED Light Therapy (630 & 660nm) penetrates deeply into your skin, to regenerate collagen and cells.

      • Blue LED Light Therapy(460nm) has the following qualities; Antiseptic, Anti-
        inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial.

      • Purple LED Light Therapy - Red (630 & 660nm), Near Infrared (850 & 900nm) , Blue (460nm) all together.
      • The Probe is Perfect for Targeted Treatment

        Take a look at how powerful this is, it literally lit up the entire inside of my nose...

        The Great Thing About Wonda- Pulsing Your Treatment

        You can select continuous beam mode or pulsed.

        Wonda is powerful and can get pretty warm - A great way to still get a powerful treatment without such a heating effect is to pulse the light wavelength/s that you want to use.

        You can do this with your Wonda and choose between continuous light or pulsed light.

        I like to use both as I find the body will get used to the treatment if you do the same thing all the time.

        By varying the treatment between continuous beam and pulsed I believe you optimise the efficacy of the treatment.

        Yet Another Case Study -
        Convincing us to Launch Wonda


         WONDATMis Great for

        • Joints,
        • Pain,
        • Inflammation,
        • Poor Hearing,
        • Tinittus,
        • Periodontal Issues,
        • Cold Sores,
        • Nasal & Sinus Issues,
        • Skin Problems and more....

        Wonda Comes With 2 Rechargeable batteries and a USB charger included.


        • Output Power: 15W
        • LED's: 5
        • Wavelengths (nm)
        • Blue 460,
        • Red - 630, & 650,
        • Near Infrared - 850 & 900
        • Power: 3 Watts/cm2
        • Dimensions: 5.12'' x 1.18 ''
        • Net Weight: 0.417 Kg
        • Auto Shut Off: 5 Mins
        • USB Charger: 5V 2.0A
        • Warranty: 12 Months

        Yet Another Case Study -

        Convincing us to Launch Wonda



        How do I use My Wonda?

        Hold the Wonda GENTLY on the surface of skin;

        You will not increase the efficacy of Wonda by applying excessive pressure.

        What if I Have Hypersensitive Skin?

        In such a case we recommend carrying out a senstivity test first.

        When using your Wonda, we recommend using it holding it just above the surface of the skin; to ensure that it is not touching your skin directly.

        Do I need to Apply Pressure when Using th Wonda?

        When using the Wonda on your skin or your body just hold it gently on the surcafe of the skin.

        There is not need to apply excessive pressure to the skin as this will not increase the efficacy of the treatment. It may cause some discomfort due to excessive pressure and warming of your skin.

        Should I Conduct a Skin Sensitivity Test Before First Use?

        We recommend you carry out a sensitivity before your first treatment.

        #1 The Easiest way to do this is to place the Wonda LED Wand over your Inner Arm.

        #2 Switch on Wonda and allow it to run for 2 minutes using the selected wavelength.

        #3 If at any time your skin feels hot or uncomfortable STOP using the device.

        #4 Wait at least 6 hours after the treatment

        If you have a reaction to the treatment you may need guidance
        to use the Wonda and start very slowly.

        Please contact us for further assistance.

        Some people are very sensitive and need to start very gently
        due to pre-existing conditions and pre-existing toxic load.

        Wonda Comes With 2 Rechargeable batteries and a USB charger included.


        • Output Power: 15W
        • LED's: 5
        • Wavelengths (nm)
        • Blue 460,
        • Red - 630, & 650nm
        • Near Infrared - 850 & 940nm
        • Power: 3 Watts/cm2
        • Dimensions: 5.12'' x 1.18 ''
        • Net Weight: 0.417 Kg
        • Auto Shut Off: 5 Mins
        • USB Charger: 5V 2.0A
        • Warranty: 12 Months