Versi - Advanced Generation 3.0 Far Infrared Footwarmer


VersiTM – Portable Far Infrared Sauna System

The VersiTM   Portable Far Infrared Therapist comprises a heated Far Infrared Footwarmer & Body Pad. It uses our most advanced 3rd Generation Far Infrared Composite Heating technology making it one of the most efficient Far Infrared heating systems currently available.

Far Infrared Footwarmer or Far Infrared Body Pad

Our VersiTM   Portable Far Infrared Therapist is so flexible. One minute VersiTM  is a footwarmer or it can be transformed into a Far Infrared Heated Body Pad by unzipping the removable side panels.

It is ideal for foot warming, and delivering the soothing warmth of Far Infrared to painful areas of the body. This can be used at home while watching TV or at your desk while you work.



 Superior Generation & Distribution of Far Infrared

The thermal images below show the superior distribution and emission of the Get Fitt Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology.

The image on the left is ordinary FIR technology and shows green and orange stripes; the orange area shows where Far Infrared is generated and the green area indicates no Far Infrared.

Compare this with the image on the right showing the superior Get Fitt Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology; the orange and red areas show where Far Infrared is generated.

There is so much more Far Infrared being generated by our Advanced Generation 3.0 Far Infrared technology making it that much more powerful and effective.

The warming effect of the Far Infrared is so helpful If you suffer from cold feet, or poor circulation to your legs and feet.

Handheld Controllerfor Temperature & Timer
The easy to use handheld controller can be used to set the temperature  between 20 -800C.
The time can be set using a range of preset times up to a maximum of 8 hours.

This is so easy to use, just set the temperature and timer using the handheld controller. The timer has a number of preset timing settings. The unit can be set for up to a maximum of 8 hours.

VersiTM  Portable Far Infrared Therapist – Easy to Use

The unit is very portable and easy to clean.This wonderful piece of equipment is very light, portable and comes with it’s own carry case.


† Ultra Low EMF’s.

† Low Odour – Good for Chemical Sensitivity

† Most Advanced 3rd Generation Far Infrared Composite Heating Technology –
Using our unique combination of Far Infrared generating minerals & nano carbon.

† Heavy Duty Materials – Very Durable

† Temperature Range: 20-800C

† Footwarmer & Body pad

† Free Consultation with Our Far Infrared Support Team

† Warranty – 12 Months


What You Get

Handheld Controller: adjusts and controls the temperature and timer settings of your VersiTM  Portable Far Infrared Therapist: conducts Far Infrared heat to the body.

Connection Leads: connects the VersiTM  Portable Far Infrared Therapist to the electricity supply.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Simply wipe down your VersiTM  Portable Far Infrared Therapist with a slightly damp cloth. Allow it to cool right down and dry before folding it away.


The VersiTM  Portable Far Infrared Therapist must be stored in a dry and cool place.

Safety Instructions - (Please read carefully)

  • Unplug the power cord after each use.
  • Never use with Wet Feet.
  • Do not use in or around water for danger of electrical shock.
  • Keep the electrical cord away from heaters or radiators.
  • Never operate the unit if the cord or plug has been damaged.
  • Do not pull on the electrical cord.
  • Any repair must be performed by an authorized Dealer.
  • Check with your doctor regarding the use of this product.

Never cover the controller.

For any medical conditions you must consult your Doctor or Healthcare professional BEFORE using any Far Infrared Equipment. This product is not for medical purposes and is only manufactured for general use.


Technical Specification:

Volts                                                                DC 12V

Input Power                                                     60W

Control Panel                                                   Manual Control

Temperature                                                   20°C ~80 °C

Folded Size                                                    32 x 26 cm

Unfolded Size                                                 35cm x 89cm

Net Weight                                                      3.0 kg

Far Infrared Emitted                                      5-20 microns