USA - 12 Week Hire/Rental Advanced Generation 3.0 Professional Soma Mat - Includes USA Voltage Converter



12 Week - VIP Hire Programme

(Payment Plans & Free Shipping do not Apply)

In the comfort of Your Own Home

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Good News!

Our latest Advanced Generation 3.0 Technology delivers so much Far Infrared that you don't even need to sweat or get super hot to get all the benefits of a sauna.

You can have the hot and sweaty if you like, no problem.

But so many of our clients just don't like getting all hot and sweaty.

And well, there is just no need for it, because even if you do sweat, you only detox and
get rid of a small percentage of toxins through the skin.

Your liver and kidneys do a way better job of detox, so we help restore health function of them by boosting your circulation and flushing the cells of your body with lots of Far Infrared.

It's a winning combination.

Our VIP Programme

Once you hire/rent out equipment you are automaticlally enrolled in our VIP programme.

This means that you automatically receive our detox mentoring, monitoring and support programme:

So Here's What's included at NO extra charge: 

 12Weeks Telephone & Email Detox
Support & Guidance
x 1(@ £400/person per month).
Pre-Programme 1:1 Detox Consultation x  1
Pre-Programme 1:1 Repair Optimisation
Consultation x  1
Pre-Programme Pre-Hab/Rehab Consultation for Strength, Stability Mobility  x 1
30 Days to Peace & Calmness Programme  x 2  800.00
12 Month Access to Get Fitt Live Webinars With Leading Doctors & Healthcare Professionals   x 1


How Does  & Advanced Generation 3.0 Technology Compare?

It Doesn't!

Get Fitt Advanced Generation 3.0 Technology - Much Much More Far Infrared

The Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology simply generates so much more Far Infrared.

''The Cocoon Sol is the only Professional Grade
Portable Far Infrared Sauna System Available
For Both Professionals and Home Use


Why not Hire Our Equipment & Try it?

Trying our equipment with the hire scheme gives you ample opportunity to see
how you like it.

ALL HIRE CHARGES ARE DEDUCTED  from the purchase price of the relevant unit should you decide to keep it.

Interest Free Hire Purchase Plan

You will only receive brand new equipment for hire.

After the initial 1 month hire if you wish to purchase your unit you
can just continue to make your monthly hire payments.

Each monthly payment is simply deducted from the purchase price until your
unit is paid for.

This is all interest free.

How is This Possible?

Often people ask how is it you can provide only new equipment for me to try during my hire?

The answer is simple; people love our equipment so much that they normally go on to purchase it after they try it.

Won’t it Cost me More to Buy the Equipment if I Hire?

Absolutely not.

Should you decide after you have tried the equipment to purchase your unit, So any hire charges simply go towards your purchase of the unit.

No Obligation

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase the equipment; you can return it to us at the end of the hire period.

We arrange everything for you and have our courier collect it to return it to us.

Of course if you wish to go on to purchase your equipment you can do so.

We do hope you find this information useful.


The SomaTM Professional is designed to provide a complete sauna experience at a much lower and more comfortable temperature than a conventional sauna.

The unit is portable and easy to clean, allowing for greater flexibility. The direct heat from the SomaTMmat allows for gentle relaxation of the muscles and controlled perspiration if desired.

The temperature range for the mat is 20-700C.

The bottom line is that this is a seriously powerful piece of kit that is just so easy to use.

Advanced 3rd Generation Far Infrared Technology

The professional range uses our most Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology making it so much more powerful and effective.

Before & After 5 Treatments Thermal Imaging Showing Significantly Improved Circulation






Professional Cocoon Sol –
Knee Pain Case Study




Open up Your Cocoon Sol 2 & use it for a Family Treat

Superior Generation & Distribution of Far Infrared

The thermal images below show the superior distribution and emission of the Get Fitt Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology.

The image below on the left is ordinary FIR technology and shows green and orange stripes; the orange shows the Far Infrared and the green means no Far Infrared.

Get Fitt Advanced Generation 3.0 Technology - Much More Far Infrared

See the image on the right showing our superior Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology; the orange and red areas show the Far Infrared.

The Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology simply generates so much more Far Infrared.

See the thermal image comparison below:

What Users Have To Say:

Technical Specification:

Input Volts                                                      220V ~240V 50Hz

Output Volt                                                       DC 300V

Input Power                                                     360W

Control Panel                                                Manual Control

Temperature                                                   20°C ~70 °C

Dimensions                                                     184 x 88 cm

Net Weight                                                      9.0 kg

Far Infrared Emissions                                 5-20 microns