NEW Fitt®Tek Heated Far Infrared Light Therapy Gloves- For Cold, Stiff Painful Hands, Numbness, Reynauds, Neuropathy and More



NEW Fitt® Tek 
Heated Far Infrared
Light Therapy Gloves

So Much More than Heat...

 Winter Collection Limited Time Only


The Easiest Way to Warm Your Hands,

Reduce Pain & Stiffness, Improve Circulation & More

Pre-Heating Your Fitt Tek Gloves is Just the Best

You will love this; Power up your Gloves 5/10 minutes before you want to use them, I love doing this, especially when my hands are cold.

Set the temperature at maximum with 3 bars and wait for them to get Super Toasty; you will love it especially when your hands get really cold.

Now when you are ready to go out, grab your gloves, they will be so warm and cosy.

See the Thermal Image Below:


  The Top Benefits of Your Fitt® Tek Far Infrared Gloves: 

  • Improve Circulation
  • Warms Your Hands
  • Reduce Pain & Stiffness
  • Reduce Pain form Gout
  • Improves Circulation for Peripheral Neuropathy

Easy to Use

Our Fitt® Tek gloves are very easy to use.

Wearable Far Infrared Heating System for Your Hands

The glove heating system warms the backs of your hands and fingers.

While You Work

The Fitt TekInfrared gloves can be worn indoors in cold environments; if you work in a cold warehouse or work outdoors this is perfect to help alleviate any stiffness and keep your hands warm, and mobile.

When You're Cold Indoors - Perfect

How often I am at home with my heating on and I'm Cold!!!

The heating is on full blast warming up the whole house, costing a packet in heating bills and I'm still COLD!

So Putting on my Gloves gives my cold hands a nice boost in circulation in my hands helping warm them up.
This also helps with any pain, stiffness, or numbness.

You improve your circulation and naturally start feeling warmer all the time, in contrast to being freezing all the time.

Walking the Dog

This is a must for Dog's so nice to keep your handsnice and warm on those chilly early morning walks.

Up to 6 Hours of Far Infrared Light Infusing & Warming Your Hands

**The Get Fitt Glove Rechargeable Battery Kit is Recommended -
SOLD SEPARATELY. Available for the  UK ONLY - The Kit cannot be shipped Overseas - We will provide a link for you to purchase the kit in your country.

Imagine your fingers, joints and hands getting all the benefits of Far Infrared while you simply wear your Fitt Tek gloves.



Simple temperature controls - 3 Heat Settings
Adjust the Temperature by pressing the temperature selector on the gloves:

High: 3 Red Lights - 60-650C

Medium: 2 Red Lights - 45-550C

Low: 1 Red Light - 40-450C

Ending Your Session

When you wish to stop your session, just press the Powerbutton on the Fitt® Tek gloves and the power light will go off and they will stop heating.

The Fitt® Tek gloves take just a few minutes to heat up, and heating time may vary according to the ambient temperature.


  • Uses the latest Nano – Tubule Far Infrared heating system
  • Super Lightweight
  • Sizes:Small, Medium and Large
  • Weight: 100g - Without Batteries
  • Power Output: 5 Volts 1 Amp
  • Voltage: 15 Volts
  • Totally Flexible
  • Ultra Low EMF’s.
  • †Low Odour – Good for Chemical Sensitivity
  • Easy to clean Polyester
  • †Temperature Range: 40-65°C
  • Warranty – 12 Months

Washing and Cleaning information:

  • Remove the batteries from the gloves.
  • Use a mild/neutral detergent, & 'Cool Hand' hand wash.
  • Do NOT Machine wash or Machine dry your Fitt®Tek gloves, just let it air dry or pop it in the airing cupboard.
  • Do not twist or wring.
  • Hang dry only.


1. What is the best way to clean my Gloves?

--Remove the batteries, do a COOL hand wash in cold water. Do NOT Machine wash or dry your Fitt®Tek gloves, just let them air dry or pop it in the airing cupboard. Do not twist or wring. Hang dry only.

2. I've Just Hand Washed my 'gloves and it's they are not turning on

If your gloves are not switching on it's because they may still be damp and not yet fully dry.

After hand washing the gloves the power button and temperature setting functions will only start working once Your gloves are completely dry.

3. How long will the Get Fitt 2200 mAh battery last while in use?

--Normally(40- 65℃), the battery can last up to 4 hours.

**The Get Fitt  2200 mAh Rechargeable Battery Kit bank is Recommended -
Not Included.

4.What's the temperature when the gloves are in use?

Temperature Settings:

3 Red Lights - 60-650C

2 Red Lights - 45-550C

1 Red Light - 40-450C

5.Where are the batteries located in the Gloves?

--The battery is located in the inner pocket on the underside of the gloves;

6. How long will my battery take to fully charge?

--From empty, the batteries are charged together and will take roughly 5 hours to fully charge using the charger that is provided with the Batterery recharging kit.

 Safety Instructions– Warning (Please read carefully)

  • Check with your doctor regarding the use of this product.


  • Colour: Black
  • Inner lining 100% polyester
  • Shell - Nylon 30%, Polyester 60%, Polyurethane 10%
  • Water Resistant
  • Input: 5 Volts 2 Amps
  • Output: 5 Volts 2.1 Amps
  • Control PanelManual Controller
  • Temperature:  40°C - 65°C
  • Net Weight: 100g
  • Far Infrared Emissions: 5-20 microns
  • Far Infrared Emitter: Get Fitt Advanced – Nano Tube Technology
  • Warranty 12 Months