NEW 'BLAZE' Far Infrared Body Wrap System


NEW Fitt® Tek 'Blaze'
Far Infrared Body Wrap

OVER 75% of this New System Generates Far Infrared

Pamela Just Loves The Blaze ...


1-2 Hours of 'Blaze' Power

Your New 'Blaze'infrared heating system is powered our 10,000 mah
power bank that will give you 1-2 hours of treatment 
depending on the temperature  setting chosen.

This revolutionary  'Blaze' Far Infrared Body Wrap will help keep you stay flexible,mobile and helps reduce pain.

Stomach Pain, Poor Digestion & Period Pain....

Don't waste a second get the 'Blaze' wrapped around your torso and switch on;
many ofour clients have been amazed at how Blaze helped their stomach aches,digestive issues  and period pain.....

**The Get Fitt 1O,OOO mah Powerbank is NOT Included with Your Blaze.
The Power banks are only Available for the UK ONLY & cannot be shipped
internationally as they are classified as Hazardous goods.

Imagine getting all the benefits of Far Infrared while you simply Wrap your Blazesystem around your body...

The Top Benefits of using your 'Blaze' Infrared system Include: 

  1. Relaxes Muscle Tension
  2. Reduces Pain & Stiffness
  3. Reduces Inflammation
  4. Promotes Circulation
  5. Improves Energy
  6. Helps Sleep
  7. Stimulates Happy Chemicals

Easy to Use

Our Fitt®Tek ' Infrared heating system is so easy to use just connect up the fully chargedpowerbank and select the desired temperature setting;

The 'Blaze' Body Wrap Infrared System

This is really game-changing as you can now top up with Far Infrared Light therapypretty much any time during your day while you are using your 'Blaze' system.

Anywhere Any Time

Your Blaze Infrared heating system can be used indoors or outdoors; if you suffer from 
lower back pain, body pain, stomach cramps or Period pain, or any joint pain this is perfect to help bring relief.

When You  Have Painful Stiff Joints or Lower Back Pain - Perfect

It's really simple; just wrap the Blaze around the painful joint, or part of the body you wish to work on and fasten using the easy secure velcro.

Using Your Blaze:

Connect the power bank with the USB cable supplied.

Press and hold the button for 1 sec (on/off)

Press the button to select the temperature

Simple temperature controls

Adjust the Temperature by pressing the temperature selector on the controller on the end of your Blaze Wrap.

Blue: 35-45 Celsius

Green: 45-55 Celsius

Red: 55-65 Celsius


Ending Your Session

When you wish to stop your session, just press the Powerbutton on the controller and the Blaze system system will stop heating.

Your Blaze takes just a few minutes to heat up, and heating time may vary according tothe ambient room temperature. 

**The Get Fitt 1O,OOO mah Powerbank is NOT Included with Your Blaze.


  • Uses the latest Nano Tubule Far Infrared heating system
  • Super Lightweight
  • Material: Super Elastic Spandex
  • Dimensions: 11 x 121 cm
  • Infrared Element: 10 x 99 cm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Power: Watts: 9 Watts
  • Power Output: 5 Volts 2 Amp
  • Voltage: 15 Volts
  • Velcro Fastening System
  • Totally Flexible
  • Ultra Low EMF’s.
  • Easy to clean 
  • †Temperature Range: 45-65°C
  • Warranty – 12 Months



1. How long will the Get Fitt 10,000 MaH battery last while in use?

--Normally(55℃), the battery can last up to 2 hours on high (Red).

2.What's the temperature when the 'N' Warm when in use?

Temperature Settings:

Blue: 35-450C

Green: 45-550C

Red: 55-650C

.Where is the battery located in the Blaze?

--The battery is placed in a special Mesh Pocket on the outer surface of the Blaze System. 

4. How long will my battery take to fully charge?

--From empty, the battery will take roughly 5 hours to fully charge using a charger that provides a minumum of 10 watts or more of power (5.0 Volt 2.0 amp).

5. Why Has My Blaze Turned Off

Sometimes when the Battery is nearly out of charge around 1 or 2 bars remaining it can automatically switch off.

You can turn the Blaze back on and it will continue to run; alternatively just recharge the powerbank.

6. Why is my Battery Not Charging /Taking Much More than 5 hours to charge

You need a charger that provides a minumum of 10 watts or more of power (5.0 Volt 2.0 amp).

When you use a charger of less than 10W the battery will take much longer to charge or it may not charge at all.

We do not recommend using your laptop to charge the powerbanks as the power output is normally less than 10W resulting in the powerbank not charging or charging very slowly.

 Safety Instructions– Warning (Please read carefully)

  • Check with your doctor regarding the use of this product.


  • Colour:Black
  • Belt Dimensions:11x121 cm
  • Far Infrared Element: 10 x 99 cm
  • Input: 5 Volts 2 Amps
  • Output: 5 Volts 2.1 Amps
  • Control Panel: Manual Controller
  • Temperature:  45°C - 65°C
  • Net Weight: 250g
  • Far Infrared Emissions: 5-20 microns
  • Fitt Tek Infrared Emitter: Get Fitt Advanced – Nano Tube Technology
  • Warranty - 12 Months