Super 7 - Portable Far Infrared Gemstone Pad

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Your Super 7 Body Pad uses a blend of powerful gemstones & the Latest Bio-Ceramic Technology including:

Jade, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, & Tourmaline.

Wonderful for aches and pains as well as helping increase blood flow relaxing tense and painful muscles.

So Portable

Folds up easily after use and can be packed up into its carry case. It goes with you wherever you want.


Your Far Infrared Super 7 PadTM  gently can warm any part of the body creating a feeling of deep relaxation.

Simple temperature controls
Adjust the Temperature dial to the setting that provides the desired warmth and as the unit is heating up to reach the desired temperature the Red Working Light will appear: The temperature range for the mat is 20-700C.

Ending Your Session

When you wish to stop your session, just press the ‘ON/Off’ button on the controller and the pad will stop heating.

Once activated your Far Infrared EarthPadTM  can take 10 -15 minutes to reach the desired temperatures, this can take a little longer for the higher operating temperatures, and may vary according to the ambient room temperature.

Finest Quality Components

The Far Infrared Super 7 PadTM is unique and uses our most advanced Ultra Low EMF Full Spectrum Gemstone & our Advanced Bio-Ceramic Far Infrared Heating technology.

What You Get

Controller & Leads: adjusts and controls the temperature and timer settings of the Far Infrared Super 7 PadTM . This connects directly to the mains for power via an electrical lead.

Far Infrared Super 7 PadTM: conducts Far Infrared heat to the body  


Your Far Infrared Super 7 PadTM must be stored in a dry and cool place. Just fold it up and store it in your carry case.

Safety Instructions – Warning (Please read carefully)

  • Unplug the power cord after each use.
  • Do not use in or around water for danger of electrical shock.
  • Keep the electrical cord away from heaters or radiators.
  • Never operate the unit if the cord or plug has been damaged.
  • Do not pull on the electrical cord.
  • Any repair must be performed by an authorized Dealer.
  • Check with your doctor regarding the use of this product.

Never cover the controller.

This product is not for medical purposes and is only manufactured for general use.


Super 7: Powerful combination of Jade, Rose Quartz, Amethyst,

Magnetite, Tourmaline, Yellow & White Clay

  • Ultra Low EMF’s.
  • Low Odour – Good for Chemical Sensitivity
  • Pure Amethyst Minerals for Full Spectrum Far Infrared Emission
  • Heavy Duty Materials – Very Durable
  • Temperature Range: 20-700C
  • Free Consultation with Our Detox Support Team
  • Warranty – 12 Months