6 Week Detox & Rejuvenation Package


6 Week Detox &
Rejuvenation Programme


Next Programme Begins Friday 24th Nov @ 16:30

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This Programme may be of interest if You want:

  • More Energy

  • More Mobility

  • Better Sleep

  • Weight Loss

  • Improved Skin

  • To Calm Your Nervous System

  • Improved Cognitive Function

  • Reduced Pain

  • Stress Relief

  • Better Mood

  • Increased Circulation & More


I would like to remind you of what you already know but may have forgotten; this simple truth….

‘’Your body Repairs & Heals itself, And Will Regenerate Given the Right Help.’’

The Problem

The body is damaged and is no longer producing sufficient energy to repair and heal itself.

The Result;You are Tired all the Time and no amount of rest restores your energy!

The Challenge

To repair the damage and get your body working.

The Solution

The 6 Week Programme will help you get back track on track, starting with Increasing your Energy and helping you feel good. 

Why the 6 Week Detox & Rejuvenation (D & R ) Programme?

The Good News

  • No Restrictive Diets
  • No Special Food Preparation
  • No Special Exercise Regimes
  • No Pills, Powders & Supplements.
  • No Time Consuming Therapies & Treatments.
  • No Taking Any Time Out of Your Day

      The Programme will help:

      • Increase Energy
      • Repair & Regenerate Your Body
      • Provide You with a System to Get Well & Stay Well
      • Reduce Pain & Inflammation
      • Improve Sleep
      • Detoxify
      • Improve Cognitive Function
      • Save you years of trial and error
      • Save You a lot of Money

        My Story









        I struggled with poor health for over 6 years and I was one of those people who tried everything and got nowhere fast.

        I had a badly damaged liver that was the size of a football, my gut was badly damaged, I had IBS, constant fatigue and I could not tolerate any supplements or any food.

        I was 30lbs underweight!

        Food & Supplements Made me Worse

        My body did not work, it did not matter what I ate; all food was a problem.

        Fortunately I discovered what I am going to share with you in this programme that helped me fully recover.

        Honestly I never thought I would recover!

        However here we are, and the result is I can share with you the knowledge that empowered me to get well and stay well.

        Every Day You are Stopping Your Body From Repairing

        I learned what I was doing on a daily basis to help myself get well was
        STOPPING MY BODY FROM REPAIRINGand healing itself.

         I was getting worse, my fatigue and pain increased and I was getting worse year after year.

        Finally I adopted much of what I am sharing with you in this programme.

        that helped me fully recover and I never looked back.

        You Are in The Right Place

        If you have been struggling to restore your energy levels, and to get your energy back,
        you are in the right place.

        I recovered from my fatigue, and since 2004, have helped thousands of
        clients recover, and restore their energy levels so that they can lives their
        life normally.

        Do not lose hope, and never give up.

        ‘’Ironically it is usually when we have given up all hope that a solution appears…’’

        So if you are willing to do some work to get well, and develop some new habits:
        then you are on track to discover a method that will provide you with the tools
        to get well and STAY WELL!




        Ultimately much of what is making us tired and sick all the time is:

        • Disrupting the Body's Daily Regeneration Cycle

        • Ongoing Stress

        • How & When We are Eating

        • Our Survival Mindset

            Notice I did not say ‘What’ we are eating?

            If Things Don’t Change – Then What?

            When the body is left in a state where it is not repairing and detoxifying properly, the following result:

            • Accelerated Ageing

            • Immobility

            • Disease & Illness

            • Reduced Lifespan

            Since 2004 I have worked closely with Doctors, Clinics & Healthcare professionals,
            and with thousands of clients suffering from life threatening diseases and Debilitating Fatigue;

            Reliably well we see clients recover from fatigue and illness, even after
            extended periods of illness of 10 years or more.

            Your Body is the Miracle

            The miracle is your body and when given the right help it will repair and regenerate
            itself just as it has done for so many of our clients.

             What You Will Learn Will Change Your Life

            You will discover the simple habits and routines, based on forgotten ancient knowledge, that will restore your body’s natural ability to Regenerate and Repair itself.

            The Result is that you will feel and look the best you ever have; Improved skin,
            Weight Loss,

            More Energy, Better Sleep, Improved Digestion, Better Cognitive Function and more.

            These are just some of the benefits you can look forward to.

            WHATS INCLUDED:

            6 Week Detox & Rejuvenation Programme

            Gentle Beginnings

            1:1 Detox Consult With Mark

            1:1 Consult With Robyn

            The 6 Week Detox & Rejuvenation Programme

            Step 1 - Activating Your Regeneration System & Circadian Rhythm Optimisation

            You will learn how to Optimise the body's natural Circadian Rhythms enhancing

            digestion and elimination without special foods, supplements or diets.

            This may help with:

            • Increased energy

            • Improved sleep

            • Weight Loss

            • Better digestion

            • Improved Immunity - Less Infections

            • Reduced Pain & Inflammation

            Unbeknown to most of us we are on a daily basis we are disrupting our natural
            metabolic cycle thus deactivating our body's regeneration system.

            The programme enables you to activate this system so that you get your energy back
            and feel great.

            When this happens, pain reduces, energy levels improve, sleep is better, Mood also
            improves and cognitive function can also be improved.

            It can take 4 - 6 weeks or more to get the body working again.
            Your body can now start to repair.

            Step 2 - Repairing Cell Damage &
            Preventing Future Damage

            So much of what we know relates to what we eat.

            We do not know so much about when we should eat and how we should eat?

            Many of our food habits are causing increased cell damage, more physical degeneration as well as accelerating the ageing process.


            You will discover:=

            • How to Reduce Cell Damage

            • Slow the Ageing Process

            • Increase energy levels

            • Reduce Pain

            • Improve Mood and

            • Reduce Anxiety and Depression

            • Detox & Repair

            In the 6 week programme you will start to clear your system of disruptive
            toxins and jump start the body's natural repair and healing systems.

            Step 3 & 4 - The Hydration Solution

            99% of the molecules in your Body Contain Water.

            Dehydration is a Big Deal ...

            Water is the Liquid of Life.

            75% of adults suffer from chronic dehydration....So What I Hear You Say?

            1% dehydration can Result in a 50% Reduction in Cognitive Function

            Unbeknown to most of us so much of what we eat and drink dehydrates us....

            Good hydration is essential for good health and body function.

            You will learn how to hydrate and restore healthy body function; the result is

            improved energy levels, better cognitive function, better digestion, reduced pain,
            radiant skin, and more..

            • Better regulation of body temperature,

            • Keeping joints lubricated - Reduced Joint Pain

            • Improved Digestion

            • Prevention of infections

            • Pain Reduction

            • Improved Energy due to better delivery of nutrients to cells, and

            • Keeps organs functioning properly

            • Improved sleep quality,

            • Better cognitive Function and

            • Improved Mood

            • Radiant Skin

            WHO KNEW?

            Hydration is key to good health and your longevity..

            Reset The Nervous System

            You will learn how to reduce physical stresses allowing the body to come out of

            Survival mode and shift into Rest & Recovery Mode so that you can start increasing your energy levels.

            Step 5 - Gut Repair & Regeneration

            The Gut has it's own cleansing and detox system.

            This is usually disrupted and not functioning properly.

            We will run through how to reactivate your natural intestinal

            cleansing and detox systems;

            This helps:

          • Reduce Infections

          • Improve Elimination

          • Reduce Wind & Bloating

          • Reduce Gut Damage

          • Improve Digestion

          • Increased Energy

          • Better Cognitive Function

          • Reduced Weight Gain and more

          • Step 6 - ThinQ Fitt Detox for Recovery & Alleviating Stress & Anxiety

            We will help you start clearing out old 'SURVIVAL' thinking that has been stalling your recovery, so that you can start getting your energy back and living normally.

            Some of the things we will cover:

            Learn How to Acheinve Calmness in Under a Minute Whenever You Want.

            Simple Techniques for Reducing Stress during your Day.

            Learning to Feel Good Whenever You Want - Helping with Anxiety & Depression.

            Bonus Step 7 - Your Health Path

            Establish your health goals, new thinking habits and health path to support your lasting good health.

            Teresa's Experience


              The body will now do what it does best which is repair itself.

               Your body starts functioning and regenerating itself.

              Slowly your body starts regenerating more than it degenerates and this is when you
              reach the next stage;


                Rejuvenation Phase - setting up the daily routines and habits that acitvate cellular
                renewal and repair.

                It takes time and ongoing effort to sustain and maintain good health.

                The Programme can help jumpstart your body systems to detoxify and repair so that
                your Energy levels can start returning to normal.

                It's a Journey and we would be happy to accompany you and support you along the way.

                We've Got You - What Happens After the Programme Ends?

                We run ongoing monthly interactive webinars to support you on your journey.

                You will be able to ask questions and receive ongoing support.

                In addition we will be running webinars presented by many of the Doctors and
                Healthcare professionals that we work with to provide additional support for you.

                Our goal is to accompany you and provide you all that you need on your journey.

                Gentle Beginnings Training

                Online 30 minute pre-recorded video classes for the 6 Week programme, guiding you
                through a series of seated movements, mobility & stability routines.

                This programme can help you improve your mobility, balance and circulation.

                • Seated Programme To Restore Movement, Mobility & Circulation.

                • Watch the Video training and practice at your leisure.

                Gently Activating Your Detox Systems

                This will help you restore strength and Stamina, reduce pain and start activating
                your detox systems so that your energy levels can begin to improve.

                Invaluable and led by Robyn our Master Coach with over 40 years experience as
                a Fitness and Rehabilitation Professional.   

                Case Study

                Gill Had Suffered with Lupus, Fatigue and endless Pain for Over 18 Years...

                Here she shares her Experience of the Get Fitt Detox & Rejuvenation Programme.

                Which has now been running since 2004.


                ''After 18 Years I actually have energy Now''



                1 to 1 Consultation Session With Mark;

                Since 2004 Mentoring Clients for Detox , Recovery Mindset, Rejuvenation & Fatigue

                1 to 1 Consultation Session With Robyn;

                Invaluable One to One Session With Robyn our Master Coach with over 40 years
                experience as a Fitness and Rehabilitation Professional.   

                Helping You Get The Most out of the Programme

                These 1:1 sessions are invaluable as they help us learn more about you, your
                unique needs and specific requirements.

                This way we can ensure you get the most out of the programme.

                Programme Summary

                6 Week Detox & Rejuvenation Programme

                Gentle Beginnings

                1:1 Detox Consult With Mark

                1:1 Consult With Robyn