1 Month Hire - SPECIAL OFFER PACKAGE- 48 HOURS only - Go Mat Nano - Far Infrared Travel Mat

1 Month Hire - SPECIAL OFFER PACKAGE- 48 HOURS only - Go Mat Nano - Far Infrared Travel Mat

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1 MONTH HIRE                      £145.00
1 MONTH 1:1 SUPPORT      £150.00
Far Infrared for Immunity    £38.00
Shipping                                 £17.00

TOTAL VALUE                       £350.00  

66% OFF                     SAVE  £234.00                                   

*SPECIAL OFFER*  NOW     £116.00 Free Shipping

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Why not Hire Our Equipment & Try it?

Trying our equipment with the hire scheme gives you ample opportunity to see
how you like it.

ALL HIRE CHARGES ARE DEDUCTED  from the purchase price of the relevant unit should you decide to keep it.

Interest Free Hire Purchase Plan

You will only receive brand new equipment for hire.

After the initial 1 month hire if you wish to purchase your unit you
can just continue to make your monthly hire payments.

Each monthly payment is simply deducted from the purchase price until your
unit is paid for.

This is all interest free.

How is This Possible?

Often people ask how is it you can provide only new equipment for me to try during my hire?

The answer is simple; people love our equipment so much that they normally go on to purchase it after they try it.

Won’t it Cost me More to Buy the Equipment if I Hire?

Absolutely not.

Should you decide after you have tried the equipment to purchase your unit, So any hire charges simply go towards your purchase of the unit.

No Obligation

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase the equipment; you can return it to us at the end of the hire period.

We arrange everything for you and have our courier collect it to return it to us.

Of course if you wish to go on to purchase your equipment you can do so.

We do hope you find this information useful.

Why Not visit Our In-House Showroom

You are welcome to visit our in-house showroom where you can view and
try our products;

Get Fitt Ltd

10 Beaumont Gate

Shenley Hill




Nearest Rail station – Radlett (Thameslink) 20 minutes from St Pancras.

Trains are direct to Radlett from St Pancras and as you know we are a 2 minute

walk  from Radlett Station.



The Get Fitt Go Mat NanoTM is designed to deliver Far Infrared on the go while you are travelling. It is lightweight and can be
easily folded up an packed up in your case or hand luggage.

Easy to Use
Our Go Mat NanoTM is so easy to use at home or work, you can fold it up and take it anywhere.

You can lay on it, sit on it, just place it on the bed or couch and take your Far infrared treatment.

The lower temperature and deeper penetration of the Far Infrared rays offer an extremely comfortable and efficient means of body cleansing and detoxification.  Far Infrared Sauna treatment is one of the detoxification procedures used in environmental Units in the USA.

Folds up easily after use and can be packed up. It goes with you wherever you want.

Your Go Mat NanoTM gently warms the entire body creating a feeling of deep relaxation.

Simple temperature controls
Adjust the Temperature by pressing the temperature up or down arrows.

Ending Your Session
When you wish to stop your session, just press the ‘ON/Off’ button on the top controller and the Go mat will stop heating.

Once activated your Go Mat NanoTM can take 15 – 20 minutes to reach the desired temperatures, this can take a little longer for the higher operating temperatures, and may vary according to the ambient room temperature.


  • There are NO electrical cables or wires whatsoever in the mat itself
  • The Go Mat Nano Uses Environmentally friendly Pure Cotton
  • Uses the latest Nano – Tubule Far Infrared heating sytem
  • Super Lightweight
  • Totally Flexible
  • Ultra Low EMF’s.
  • †Low Odour – Good for Chemical Sensitivity – Uses Natural Cotton
  • †Temperature Range: 20-400C
  • Warranty – 12 Months

Finest Quality Components

The Far Infrared Go Mat Nano TM is unique and uses our most advanced Ultra Low EMF nano-tube Far Infrared Heating technology.

What You Get

Controller & Leads: adjusts and controls the temperature and timer settings of the Far Infrared Go Mat NanoTM This connects directly to the mains for power via an electrical lead.


Your Far Infrared Go Mat NanoTM must be stored in a dry and cool place. Just fold it up and store it in a cool dry place.

Safety Instructions– Warning (Please read carefully)

  • Unplug the power cord after each use.
  • Do not use in or around water for danger of electrical shock.
  • Keep the electrical cord away from heaters or radiators.
  • Never operate the unit if the cord or plug has been damaged.
  • Do not pull on the electrical cord.
  • Any repair must be performed by an authorized Dealer.
  • Check with your doctor regarding the use of this product.

Never cover the controller.

This product is not for medical purposes and is only manufactured for general use.

  • Input Volts: 100V ~240V 50/60Hz
  • Output: DC 24V 4A
  • Input Power: 180W
  • Control Panel: Manual Control
  • Temperature:  20°C - 40 °C
  • Dimensions: 75 x 145cm
  • Net Weight: 0.9 Kg
  • Timer: 1 hour, 2 Hour, and 15 Hours
  • Far Infrared Emissions: 5-20 microns
  • Far Infrared Emitter: Get Fitt Advanced – Nano Tube Technology