Advanced Generation 3.0 Professional Cocoon Sol

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Professional Cocoon Sol™  – Portable Far Infrared Sauna System

The Cocoon Sol™ comprises a dual zone heated Portable Far Infrared Sauna unit that uses our most advanced Generation 3.0 Far Infrared technology which makes it one of the most effective Far Infrared heating systems available.

The Far Infrared Cocoon Sol™ is designed to provide a more powerful & effective experience than a cabin sauna; at much lower more comfortable temperatures.

Restore your good health using the most advanced 3.0 Far Infrared technology available, with the option of backup & support from a great Detox team – Not to mention your own personal detox specialist.

Open up Your Cocoon Sol 2 & use it for a Family Treat

Relax & Detox
The Direct heat from the Cocoon SystemTM allows for gentle relaxation of the muscles and the option for controlled perspiration if desired.

Ultra Low EMF

All Get Fitt Equipment has been designed to generate close to ZERO EMF’s, making our units not only very effective but totally safe. Our equipment is so low in EMF’s that our electro-sensitive clients happily use our original range of equipment.

The Most Effective Full Body Far Infrared Treatment

Full body Far Infrared Treatment is so effective simply because our The Cocoon SolTM  delivers Far Infrared to your entire body from top to toe - 360.Thus providing a far more effective treatment than any conventional or even a Far Infrared Cabin Sauna.

After use your Cocoon SolTM  just folds up, and can be stored in it’s convenient carry case.

Superior Generation & Distribution of Far Infrared

The thermal images below show the superior distribution and emission of the Get Fitt Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology.

The image below on the left is ordinary FIR technology and shows green and orange stripes; the orange shows the Far Infrared and the green means no Far Infrared.

Get Fitt Advanced Generation 3.0 Technology - Much More Far Infrared

See the image on the right showing our superior Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology; the orange and red areas show the Far Infrared.

The Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology simply generates so much more Far Infrared.

See the thermal image comparison below:

Dual Zone Heating

This dual zone Cocoon SolTM has 2 sets of temperature controls one for the right and left hand sides of the unit. This allows two users to open up the Cocoon and use it as a mat.

Each person is able to set their temperatures and take their treatment simultaneously at different temperatures should they so wish.