'N'Fresh 3.0 Special Edition Near Infrared LED Neck mask


An Easy Way to Target Your Neck Line:
Fine Lines and Wrinkles...

How Does the ‘N’ Fresh 3.0 LED 
Neck Mask Work?

The 'N'Refresh 3.0 LED Neck Mask does NOT just use NEAR INFRARED & RED light Therapy but uses our latest Quadra 4.0 Chip technology’ enabling each LED to generate Near Infrared, Red, Blue and Purple light.

A very powerful combination to help restore and rejuvenate your skin at the deepest levels.

Simply Select the light wavelength you wish to work with and select Manual or Auto and off you go....that's it.

  • The Latest Wearable Anti-Ageing Technology

  • Combines Anti-Ageing Near Infrared, Red, Blue Light Therapy

  • Near Infrared, Red,Blue and Purple LED Light Therapy Has Been Shown in Studies to Help Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles.

  • Improves Skin Tone, Texture and Firms the Skin

  • Near Infrared(850nm) is an invisible light. Near Infrared detoxifies, relaxes, and increases blood flow and circulation. Near Infrared benefits are pain relief, skin rejuvenation, improved sleep, relaxation and will naturally detoxify. 

  • Red LED Light Therapy (620nm) has the ability to penetrate deeply into your skin, to regenerate collagen and cells.

  • Blue LED Light Therapy(460nm) has the following qualities; Antiseptic, Anti-
    inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial.

  • Purple LED Light Therapy - Red (620nm), Near Infrared (850nm) , Blue (460nm) all together.
  • 'N'Fresh Light Therapy Neck Mask Users ReportThat Their Skin Tone, Texture, Firmness and Tightness was Improved.

  • Ideal for Travellingthanks to the portable chargeable Battery Pack.

  • Perfect for use on Long Haul Flights - step off the plane AND LOOK

  • Suitable For all Skin Types

The NEW 'N'FreshTM3.0 LED Neck Mask

Light, Flexible & Powerful-Moulding Comfortably

To Your Neck ....

Collagen Production Reduces in our mid-to-late 20s and early 30s

From Age 30 We LOSE 1% of Our Collagen Every Year


This Powerful Anti-Ageing Recovery Tool  Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles for your neck line.

Innovative LED Technology for Skin Rejuvenation  Including Acne, Scars, And Hyper-Pigmentation.

FACT: Once you hit 40, collagen production slows all the way down. 


Boost Your Elastin & Collagen - Helps Lines & Wrinkles

The 'N'Fresh 3.0 LED Neck Mask helps:

  • Increase Elastin & Collagen Production for

  • Improving Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Increase blood supply to the skin.

  • Improve Oxygen Delivery to the Skin

  • More Nutrients Supplied to the Skin

The 'N'Fresh 3.0 LED Neck Mask for Boosting
Collagen & Elastin Improving Fine Lines & Wrinkles

The 'N'Fresh 3.0 LED Neck Mask for Skin Detox
This is Key for Better Skin

RED LIGHT THERAPY (620 & 850 nm) 

  • BOOSTS circulation, improving the removal of toxins from the skin.

  • Increases Oxygen Delivery to the skin and helps nourish the skin.

  • Increases Fibroblast Activity and Stimulates Fibroblasts growth factors -  “Fibroblasts are the cells in skin that are responsible for making those healthy proteins that make it supple and soft, such as collagen and elastin.

  • Enhances the production of Collagen and Elastin.

  • Increases the production of collagen and alter the amount enzymes in your skin called MMPs, or metalloproteinases, which keep the skin young-looking.

  • Used to treat photo-ageing or ageing skin, especially post-laser or post-surgery, as it helps repair and renew the skin.


Blue Light has many properties including those below;

  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • An option For Those Who Cannot Tolerate Prescription Antibiotics
  • ​Helps With Acne
  • ​Used for Skin Scarring
  • ​Used For Acne
  • ​To Heal Burns
  • ​Has a Cooling Soothing Effect
  • ​Calms Nerves
  • ​Shrinks Tissues
  • ​Dries Up Secretions


What is Purple?

Purple is the combination of Red, Near Infrared and blue light.

This means its all the Rejuvenating and Repairing benefits fo the Red & Near Infrared Range as well as the Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Benefits of Blue Light.

So Purple is a powerful all rounder that give rapid results....

Very Helpful for Skin Conditions Such as :

Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, & Psoriasis



How do I Get the Best Results?

The 'N' Fresh 3.0 LED Neck Mask is very effective and we recommend starting slowly with just 1 - 2 minutes of treatment, building up slowly to the full treatment time of 10 minutes a session, one to two times a week.

What is the 'N'Fresh 3.0 LEd Neck Mask Made From?

It is made with flexible Medical Grade Silicone.

Is the 'N'Fresh 3.0 LED Neck Mask Comfortable?

The neck mask’s unique flexibility ensures maximum comfort, and the optimum & most effective delivery of light into the lower layers of the skin for a powerful treatment. Delivering results in weeks after using your 'N'Fresh 3.0.LED neck mask.

How Long Before I See Improvements?

Results vary for each individual.

However it is common to start seeing a change in your completion within just the first few weeks of using the ReFresh 3.0 LEd Facemask.

What If I am Using Far Infrared as Well?

Far Infrared will complement your 'N'Fresh 3.0 LED neck mask Programme as it can help improve circulation, reduce inflammation, detoxify and can help increase Elastin and Collagen production.

Can I use the 'N'Fresh 3.0 neck mask with my Skincare Products

We do not recommend using any skincare products before or with your treatment.

Should you wish to apply any skincare products to your face, we recommend doing this after your treatment.

This will enhance the efficacy of the products you apply.

Should I Conduct a Skin Sensitivity Test Before First Use?

We recommend you carry out a sensitivity before your first treatment.

#1 The Easiest way to do this is to place the 'N'Fresh 3.0 LED neck mask over your Inner Arm.

#2 Switch on the mask and allow the mask to run for 2 minutes using the selected wavelength.

#3 If at any time your skin feels hot or uncomfortable STOP using the device.

#4 Wait at least 6 hours after the treatment

If you have a reaction to the treatment you may need guidance
to use the mask and start very slowly.

Please contact us for further assistance.

Some people are very sensitive and need to start very gently
due to pre-existing conditions and pre-existing toxic load.

What Is LED Light Therapy?

LED stands for light emitting-diodes and refers to the technology used in many devices that produce visible light,

In general, LEDs work by energising and activating the skin cells as well as boosting circulation and increasing enzyme production.

Light Therapy and Your Skin

Light is absorbed by the skin and triggers the cells into producing more energy and also the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) within the body.

The increased activity and the release of NO helps the skin to HEAL, REGENERATE & COMBAT INFLAMMATION.

Activates Collagen Production

LED light therapy causes skin cells to use their energy to activate fibroblasts and produce more collagen and elastin proteins, and stimulate the body’s rejuvenating processes.

What is Near Infrared Light Therapy?

Near Infrared light (850nm) is an invisible light.

Near Infrared detoxifies, relaxes, and increases blood flow and circulation.

Near Infrared benefits include pain relief, skin rejuvenation, improved sleep, relaxation and will naturally detoxify.

How Does Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy Help

Red and near infrared light are very different but complementary each other for anti-aging.

When used together they can enhance collagen production.

Red light boosts fibroblast proliferation and encourages the production of new collagen. 

Near infrared light helps produce larger, more mature cells, which are capable of secreting collagen.

So, a treatment regime which incorporates both red and near infrared light will optimise anti-aging benefits.


How Does the 'N'Fresh 3.0 LED  neck mask improve the Health of my SKIN?

Think of the treatment as a workout for your skin…..you do not get super fit instantly after your first workout.

But rather as you start exercising you improve circulation, begin to get fitter, stronger, and healthier as you workout more.

Similarly as you start to take your treatments and allow the light to do its work consistently and regularly weekly; you will notice a HEALTHY GLOW, FIRMNESS and TIGHTNESS RETURNING TO YOUR SKIN as your skin detoxifies and simply gets stronger and healthier.

LED Facial Light therapy has been shown to help improve and restore healthy circulation as well as helping to repair some of the skin and blood vessel damage as well as improving collagen and elastin production.

The result - Improved circulation and much healthier firmer, tighter and more radiant skin.

How Does the 'N'Fresh 3.0 LED Neck Mask Work

The 'N'reshTM Mask does NOT just use RED light Therapy but uses our latest NEAR INFRARED QUADRA 4.0 Chip technology’ enabling each LED to generate Near Infrared, Red, Blue and Purple light. A very powerful combination to help restore and rejuvenate your skin at the deepest levels.

Simply Select the light wavelength you wish to work with off you go....that's it.

The Beauty of Light Therapy

Cosmetic products such as hydration creams, masks, serums and other treatments can be applied and enhanced by using them together with your ReFresh face mask

The Red, Near Infrared, Blue and Purple Light Penetrate Deeply into the Skin

Light Penetrates The Skin More Than Creams & Serums

The great thing about the light therapy is that the light penetrates more deeply into the layers of skin and the skin cells way more than any cream/serum possibly could.

Improves & Boosts Skin Circulation

When taking the treatment the Light penetrates deeply in to the skin increasing circulation and the flow of blood, oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin’s cells.

Activates Skin Healing & Repair

This activates the skin’s natural healing and repairing systems helping to restore a glowing healthy complexion and firmer more toned skin.



  • 1 'N'Fresh 3.0 Neck Mask
  • ​2 Velcro Straps - One For Each side of the Neck Mask.
  • ​1 Portable Re-Chargeable Battery Pack
  • 1 USB Charger Cable


We recommend just relaxing; lying down or sitting down and closing your eyes while taking treatment.



  • Experiencing Cold Symptoms
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Where there is a known genetic predisposition to light
  • Where there is a genetic conditions of the eyes or
  • If you are taking medications that increases sensitivity to light

As we age, the skin can lose between 20 - 80% of its thickness. Say hello to visibly firmer, younger looking skin with the 'N'Fresh LED Light Therapy Neck Mask.

Fully flexible and wearable, the mask delivers the perfect combination of Near Infrared & LED light directly to the skin- Near Infrared, Red, Blue Light and Purple.



  • Portable Power Pack
  • Voltage:DC 3.7V
  • Current:1800mA
  • Materials:Medical Grade silica
  • Quadra 4.0 Chip technology
  • 50 LED's X 3  Wavelengths
  • Gross Weight 175g
  • Near Infrared (850 nm), Red (620nm), Blue (460nm), Purple (All Wavelengths)