Cocoon Sol Professional- Increased Energy, Pain Relief, Detox, Improved Sleep, Reduce Stress - Includes Full VIP Support Programme




The Most Powerful & Effective Light Therapy System on the Planet

Hollywood's Best Kept Secret

Our A
dvanced Light Therapy Technology is used in L.A by the Hollywood Starsand
'A' Listers, and also the world renowned Spa's who serve them.

Good News -No Sweat Required!

Our latest Advanced Generation 3.0 Technology delivers so much Far Infrared that
you don't even need to sweat or get super hot to get all the benefits of a sauna.

The Full Sauna Experience - Sweat Your Socks OFF!!

However so many of our clients just don't like getting all hot and sweaty
and then spending ages having to shower afterwards.

And well, there is just no need for it, because even if you do sweat, you
only eliminate a small percentage of toxins through the skin!

Your liver and kidneys do a way better job of detox, so we supercharge them
by boosting your circulation and flushing the cells of your body with lots of Far Infrared.

It's a winning combination.

The Benefits of Full Body Light Therapy

CLOTHES ON OR OFF - As you like....

Unlike other systems, there is no need to take your clothes off and stand for hours in front
of light panels or anything like that.

You just lie down relax and enjoy your sunlight experience at the temperature of your
choice - comfortable low temperatures or higher temperatures if you like.


The Great thing is unlike other Light therapies the Far Infrared is the only Infrared
wavelength that will travel through your whole body!

This means we can help all your organs and body systems to start working again.






  • STRESS RELIEF - Lay back and Relax

Lying in our nice warm Cocoon is like being in the Sun without any of the harmful rays that
can cause sunburn or skin damage.

Watch your stress melt away in minutes....


''Just unpack your Cocoon Sol, lay it out on top of your bed,
Plug it in and off you go...''

It's so good, you'll never want to leave...

OPEN UP YOUR COCOON SOL: use it for Two People and as a Family Treat

How Does Our Advanced Generation 3.0 Technology Compare?

It Doesn't!

Get Fitt Advanced Generation 3.0 Light Therapy Technology -
So Much More Than a Sauna

The Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology simply generates so much more Far
Infrared. The entire Cocoon from top to toe, all the way around your body generates the
healing, repairing and detoxifying wavleneghts of light

''The Cocoon Sol is the only Professional Grade
Portable Far Infrared Sauna System Available
For Both Professionals and Home Use

Superior Generation & Distribution of Far Infrared

The thermal images below show the superior distribution and emission of the Get Fitt
Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology.

The image on the left is an ordinary FIR sauna blanket and shows green and orange stripes;
the orange shows the Far Infrared from the wire in the blanket, and the green means no Far

You can see large areas where there is no Far Infrared generated whatsoever.

Ordinary sauna blankets despite all the claims use technology that is over 20 years old
- a thin wire that runs around the blanket - which does not generate much Far Infrared
as shown below.

The image on the right shows our Advanced 3.0 Generation Far Infrared technology; the
orange and red areas show the Far Infrared.

This is the only professional grade full emission system in the world that is available to the
public, and that produces so much Far Infrared from top to toe all the way around your

For this reason our Advanced generation 3.0 Technology is more powerful and effective than
any ordinary sauna blanket or cabin sauna......

We are always asked how our Cocoon Sol compares to other systems?

There is no comparision and this is why our Cocoon Sol is the choice of the 'A' Listers,
celebrities, medical professionals, leading spas and healthcare professionals worldwide.


Our VIP Programme

Once you purchase our equipment you also become a member of our VIP programme.

This means that you receive our complimentary detox mentoring, monitoring and support

So Here's What's included at 'NO' extra charge: 

 8Weeks Telephone & Email Detox
Support & Guidance
 x 1(@ £400/person per month).
Pre-Programme 1:1 Detox Consultation x  1
Pre-Programme 1:1 Repair Optimisation
Consultation x  1
Pre-Programme Pre-Hab/Rehab Consultation for Strength, Stability Mobility  x 1


Professional Cocoon Sol™  – Portable Far Infrared Sauna System

Our dual zone Advanced Generation 3.0 Far Infrared technology makes the Cocoon Sol the
most effective portable Far Infrared Sauna in the world.

This technology makes our Far Infrared Cocoon Sol™ more powerful & effective than any
cabin sauna; at much lower more comfortable temperatures.

Restore your good health using the most advanced 3.0 Far Infrared technology available,
with the option of backup & support from a great Detox team – Not to mention your own
personal detox specialist.

Professional Cocoon Sol –
Knee Pain Case Study


Before & After 5 Treatments Thermal Imaging Showing Significantly Improved Circulation



Relax & Detox
The Direct heat from the Professional Cocoon Sol SystemTM allows for gentle relaxation of
the muscles and the option for controlled perspiration if desired.

Ultra Low EMF

All Get Fitt Equipment has been designed to generate close to ZERO EMF’s, making our
units not only very effective but totally safe.

The Most Effective Full Body Far Infrared Treatment

Full body Far Infrared Treatment is so effective simply because our The Cocoon SolTM 
delivers Far Infrared to your entire body from top to toe - 360.Thus providing a far more
effective treatment than any conventional or even a Far Infrared Cabin Sauna.

After use your Cocoon SolTM  just folds up, and can be stored in it’s convenient carry case.

Dual Zone Heating

This dual zone Cocoon SolTM has 2 sets of temperature controls one for the right and left
hand sides of the unit. This allows two users to open up the Cocoon and use it as a mat.

Each person is able to set their temperatures and take their treatment simultaneously at
different temperatures should they so wish.

Technical Specifications:

Input Volts                                                       220V ~240V 50Hz

Output Volt                                                       DC 300V

Input Power                                                     360W

Control Panel                                                   Manual Control

Heating Zones                                                    2

Temperature                                                   20°C ~70 °C

Separate Heating Zone Control                      YES

Folded Size                                                    187 x 70 cm

Unfolded Size                                                200 x 170 cm

Net Weight                                                     10.5 kg

Far Infrared Emitted                                    4-20 microns

Far Infrared Element:                                  Carbon & Germanium