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Portable Far Infrared Mats
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GO Portable Far Infrared Sauna Mat
The Far Infrared GOTM Mat for Relaxation, Reduced Stiffness & Warming up the Body
The Far Infrared GoTM Mat can be used on chairs and seats, while relaxing or working.

The unit is so light and portable, you can take it anywhere.

The Direct heat from the Go
TM Mat allows for gentle relaxation of the muscles and the entire body.

Far Infrared Portable Sauna Mat
Full Body Far Infrared Treatment

The SomaTM Professional delivers full body Far Infrared treatment.

This full body experience is so effective when compared to Far Infrared Cabin Saunas.

Not to mention that your SomaTM Professional just folds away after use.
Portable Far Infrared Sauna
Far Infrared Treatment While Driving Your Car

The MobiTM Enables you to have a Far Infrared treatment while driving in your car.

You can sit on it or use it to warm the lower back and relax tension in the muscles.
This unit comes with a carry case you really can use it, and take it anywhere.