Get Fitt Ltd

Get Fitt was launched as a result of my chronic poor health. Through my own trials and tribulations I came across the amazing healing power of Far Infrared technology.

The health problems I faced led me to research and try pretty much everything in an attempt to restore good health. This all occurred over a period of 6 years. Finally the causes of my health problems became clear. Ironically the solutions for my ailments were ultimately so simple. Far Infrared had a vital role to play in restoring the function of my damaged organs and body.

Inevitably on the return journey to health, one encounters endless confusing information. A fortune is so often spent with little return in terms of improved health. No doubt if you are reading this you may have had a similar disheartening experience.

However the moral of the tale for all who are are challenged with poor health...........persevere. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

As a result of my personal experience with Far Infrared Thermal Treatment (FITT) I decided to make it my mission to tell the world about the benefits of FITT. It changed my life and I want it to change the lives of others. How? By restoring good health to those who are suffering from diseases of all types.

Since 2004 we have been privileged to work with leading doctors, clinics and healthcare professionals. Our speciality has become formulating personal detoxification programmes using Far Infrared. This gives everyone the opportunity to detoxify, restore healthy body function and nourish the body’s systems from the comfort of your own home.

I continue to use FITT regularly for myself and my loved ones including our dog; who by the way loves the Cocoon. FITT helps us all to sustain and maintain good health. Interestingly enough as we learn more and time goes on we continue to experience ever increasing levels of vitality and wellbeing.

We have learned a tremendous amount, and the results we get today are better than ever. No doubt as we continue on our journey we will learn more enabling us to help those in need even more effectively.

We also really want to help eliminate the huge wastage of money that so often occurs for those people who are ill. Our desire is to provide products and services that really work. How do we do this? It's simple; we try everything ourselves first.

We pride ourselves on taking great care of our clients, sharing our knowledge and expertise to offer you, the customer, the exceptional personal service that you would want.

You are important to us and our simple desire is to be of service to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Yours Truly,

Mark Givert

(Founder of Get Fitt Ltd)